I do believe her mouth is heaven, her kisses falling over me like stars....

More About Sophie Ashton

I am a British, well travelled and multi lingual. I am a designer by profession and run my own business in the field.

I was privately educated and hold an Undergraduate BA degree from a top London University.

I am sensual, bubbly, confident, intelligent, well spoken and a very good conversationalist.

My looks reflect my avid interest in fitness, beauty and fashion. I am enthusiastic about my wellbeing in various aspects and thrive on leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

I have an hourglass yet slim shape, smooth and soft tan skin, full lips, high cheek bones, big brown eyes, bouncy brown hair and a rather impressive waist to hip ratio!

I'm all natural with no tattoos or enhancements.

Some might say I’m classy, luxurious and soft to the touch!

I enjoy the outdoors and love being inspired by travel, arts, cultures, shows, history and the theatre.

I certainly enjoy the finer things such as beautiful cuisines, bars and wines.

My other hobbies will blow your mind! I guarantee you that!

Meet me in: Central London | Heathrow | Greater London | Birmingham | West Midlands | East Midlands | Oxford | Home Counties | Reading